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As small business owners, we know that having a website is an important way for potential clients to find us.

It also allows our current clients to communicate with us or obtain more information on topics that interest them.  Once we have a website in place, do you think much more about it? If you are like many therapists if you keep getting clients in the door, you most likely not thinking about your site. I would like to change that at least for one particular page, the About Me page.


The About Me page is a page that is the most visited page

according to HubSpot’s’ Neil Patel, calls “this page one of the most important and visited on a website.” On my site, the About Me page is viewed 28% more times, and my visitors stayed on this page longer than any other page on my site. Many websites also report a higher traffic flow to their About Me page than any other page on their website.

That only makes sense, right? If we are going to do business with others, don’t we want to know a little about them and their why for being in business? I know I am also curious about whom I am spending my money with. The first page after the home page I click on it the About Page.

Since the About Page is such a busy and important page, let’s look at what should be on this valuable real estate.

  1. A photo of you. People like doing business with people so let the potential client see you.
  2. The page copy must be written to speak to that potential client.
    • Who are you writing too?
    • What is the niche you are filling?
    • How can you solve the problem?
    • Allow your personality to shine through
    • What are your values?
    • Tell the reader about who you are but do not lead with your license, education or awards.
  3. Connect the About Page copy to the internal (hyperlinks) on your website’s service offering pages. For example, if you are talking about divorce on the About Page link that to your Surviving Divorce Group page. (This helps with SEO)
  4. Write your copy in the 1st person, not 3rd person.
  5. Make it easy for the client to contact you. Have your phone number, address and email clearly listed on the page. Don’t make this hard to find.
  6. The About You page must convey your personality and uniqueness as a therapist to your clients.
  7. Have a Call to Action(CTA). What do you want them to do after they read your About Me page? Call, email, set up an appointment, sign up for a newsletter? Have a goal in mind.


Creating an informative and well thought out About Me page will take you some time to craft properly. However, it will pay off in more visitors to your website and ultimately more clients. Let’s your creative juices flow.   If you need more assistant contact me @ sherry@therapistbox.com


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